Red Bull Soapbox - Ohio

This looks really awesome. I am really thinking about entering a racer in this!

My friend Tom Reed already approached me about entering a racer. If Tom ends up getting his idea accepted, we talked about him becoming a member in order to have access to the space and build@Hive13. He’s been around the space a good amount already mostly for 2600 and working on random shit with me.

At this point, the Red Bull thing is very conceptual and also somewhat about who you can get to sponsor your ride, if you read between the lines. Red Bull are going to choose the teams that are invited to participate based on the ideas they submit by June whatever. The build phase comes after some teams are accepted. As I told Tom, I lack the creativity to come up with something Red Bull would care about. At this point, this is a project for the creative types not the engineers. Their rules are also quite interesting in terms of prohibitions of interesting things. :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhh, I didn’t try to apply and their rules are very, very short. I didn’t know they would be selecting only a handful of racers.

I was definitely pondering the idea of a few workshops for people in the race at the hive.

No fire, sparklers, chemicals that can produce smoke, … Its short but rather interesting. Tesla coils weren’t explicitly forbidden. “Ride the lightning” ? hahha

Back to future car deloren. Minor hum with a gigantic Tesla coil.

They’ve done in at least one other time in Cincinnati back in 2008 in Mt. Adams. It was a riot. Somewhere I have some pictures, I’ll try to find them and send them as inspiration of what they’re looking for. Spectating is fun because you get to watch some crazy spills.

It’s like their Flugtag events: mostly about showmanship, spirit, and creativity.

My favorite that I can remember was a The Last Supper themed car. It was a large table and the driver sat SIDEWAYS at the center of one side (Jesus’ seat) and it had a bunch of (possibly blow up) dolls all around it representing the disciples. It was crazy to see him steering while sitting perpendicular to the travel direction and it was just awesome.

OH, found a youtube video:


I saw the link a few days ago and applied online

My concept is to build a colorful Jamaican bobsled cart like the one from the movie. Have all crew wear dreadlocks hats and as a bonus we could put on the cart a music system to play Bob Marley while going down the course.

Below is a link to some possible concept

If accepted I am looking for a team to help plan, build and race. If interested please reply.