red aiming laser off

The red laser used to aim the laser was not producing a red dot when I was using the laser cutter today. I don’t know if there is a setting to turn it on and off, or if it is borked.

The laser cutter was otherwise performing fine.

Something similar happened a month ago. Why does the laser strangely change all by itself? We don’t yet know the cause of the effect. This is not an accusation. Thanks for reporting the problem. You are setting a good example.

[Disclaimer - Pardon the following repeat of a generic reminder rant] We have a growing laser user community that counts on the laser being consistent. We seek to learn and promote shared operating procedures that assure reliable availability for all users. We recognize stuff happens. Honesty is the best policy. The biggest PITA comes from perceived (or real) random acts of inconsiderate entropy by other members. In general, it is good we all also remember we are a volunteer coop organization. Members are generally in the space to do their own thing. Members with a working knowledge of the different tools will generally take some time to bring newbies along. But recognize they are not your personal instructor, or your mom. Don’t use a tool and risk breaking something or hurting yourself if you don’t yet know what you are doing. Budget your time to clear your mess for the next user. If you are not happy with the way things work (or don’t work) the consider that as your call to step-up and be responsible to find a way to give back and make it better. Being excellent to each other in ALL matters maintains harmony in the shared space that we strive to have.

Returning to the specific issue, we performed an alignment adjustment that Bill had showed us last time to recenter the red spotting laser in the center of the lens and then test the laser alignment on a piece of scrap. We took some reference photos and will discuss with Bill off-line if this was the right/sufficient corrective action. Please try to re-cut your part and report back if the power and speed settings that worked for you before appear be restored.

Several of us seek and intend to build on the existing procedures and documentation in our spare time. Anyone care to help?


In regards to the generic rant, the one that really resonates for me is:
"Budget your time to clear your mess for the next user."

This one single thing would make the biggest difference for me in the
quality of the hive experience. Not once have I gone to use the workbench
where I didn't have to spend a few minutes cleaning up first, and then
again afterwards. A certain amount of entropy is to be expected and I'm
fine with taking a "try to leave it cleaner than you found it" as my
personal contribution, but it's difficult to put away tools if you've never
seen them in their proper place. I don't want to move random bits of wood
or metal where I don't know if they are part of someone's project, a
specialized jig, or just unwanted scrap. Last time I was there, there
were enough scraps of wood on the floor to constitute a safety hazard.

As I am a profoundly untidy person at my home, I understand PERFECTLY how
easy it is to be in the habit of leaving your work/tools around,
particularly if you feel strongly at home while at the hive. Just remember
there are a lot of people sharing this home. Just because you know where
you got the tool doesn't mean someone else will know where to put it back.