recycling TVs and crt monitors

I remember a few years back when Hive13 got rid of a massive number of crt monitors. Does anyone remember where they got rid of them? I’m only getting quotes of $35 and $40 bucks or $0.55/lb. Is Hive13 still accepting old monitors? j/k

As I recall they will take crt monitors, but won’t take tv’s.

Their hours and location is located in the ‘contact us’ section.

Hope this helps =)

Doesnt staples recycle them? Or best buy?

I think so, but I think they charge. CCC does it for free.

Staples was taking up to 5 monitors per person for free last time I checked.
Call them?

Staples took the monitors but would not take TV’s or microwave ovens. On the phone before I went over they said they would. At Staples you have to take the monitor in through the front door and put it on the counter. At first there was no one paying attention so I could have left a tv there and took off.

St Vincent de Paul on Este took the TV and microwave. They said the TV has to be less than 15 years old. I wasted a trip to the one on Bank in OTR/West End since they didn’t have anyone working in the dock area and asked me to go to the SVdP Supercenter on Este Road.

Thanks everyone.

I tried to take a very heavy CRT TV to a staples, and they said “oh, we only take the flat ones.”

It’s still in my garage, I’d love to know where to get rid of it.

staples only take monitors, not tvs. see prior messages

If you use Rumpke and are not too green, their website curbside guidelines say, “Please contact Rumpke at least 24 hours before your regularly scheduled collection to request a large item pick-up for acceptable large items, and/or excessive amounts of trash. Television sets cannot exceed 32 inches for curbside pick-up. Any mattress or upholstered furniture must be completely sealed in disposable plastic for removal. Additional fees may apply.”

I had a way-too-heavy dinosaur ~33" picture tube TV with no viable disposal plan. Last week I happened to be out front as their truck rolled up. I asked the guys if they’d take it and they said sure. I already had it on a wheeled dolly in the garage. I was able to quickly wheel it to the back of their truck, and they hoisted in up and tossed it in, with the remote too. It was disconcerting to toss a working TV. We didn’t get anything for it and don’t think it got recycled, but the wife was glad to see it gone and it was easy.


I put out an old safe for Rumpke to pick up with their bulky item pickup.