Recycling copper

bring your tired, frayed, bent and used wire to the new bins at the
hive room.

Since the members have shown commitment to recycling, I propose that
copper wire could be a minor source of income. There are now two
square bins for any type of copper wire -- i offer to maintain them as
they fill up, group the stuff if needed for the best price, and bring
the material to the recycle company and hand over the receipt and the
payment to the treasury.

any wire, coated or not, is acceptable. The little pieces from a
striped-down computer are sell-able, as well. Old power cords, old
extension cords (the ones run over by electric mowers or hedge
clippers), not-in-use telephone wire and Christmas/Halloween lights
have value. Bare pipe, ground straps are great, too.

Small pieces and small weights add up.


I noticed that there are two bins, is there any difference between them, or are there just two bins for convenience?