RE: [CHP] Re: LaserJet 4050N - free

Doh! That crossed my mind but hoped it wouldn’t be true :-S


So far HP has had excellent driver support for their commercial printers, I can’t speak for their retail printers. The LaserJet 4050N here was used w/ a mix of Windows and Linux operating systems. Windows Vista worked out of the box, Windows 7 required a Windows Update printer driver download, but it was recognized automatically and if you know how to add a network printer it is not a difficult task. Linux for the most part could pick it up after a network scan from Ubuntu. I would imagine that it would work from an Intel Mac, however I do not have experience in that area.

As for Windows 8, I believe it can use the same drivers as Windows Vista & Windows 7, so it will probably work fine there as well.

This one is free because I upgraded to another LaserJet and it has been sitting around my apartment since then.


Shaddox - you fix printers? I’ve got a laser printer that I think I know what the part I need to order is but im not sure - it’s an hp - would you have expertise in that area?


a couple of years ago i compiled a list of compatible printers for windows 7. i suspect that it also works for windows 8:

my beef with win 7+ is that in all of the years preceding win7, any laserjet printer made by HP would work using the generic laserjet 4 driver. you may not be able to see the toner levels over the network, or upload scans to facebook, or whatever other stupid feature your printer had, but it would put toner on paper legibly. in win 7 and beyond that is no longer the case.

I won’t be able to be there Tuesday, count me out of the running.

I’m not going to be able to make it tonight either.

On a related note, this looks like a fun project: