RE: [CHP] Re: Android tethering Gingerbread 2.3.4 / $$$ for solution

How do you keep other system processes from accessing the net? I know tunneling through home works for a while for me then stops.

As for changing the TTL, I have a program on my phone, WinCe 5, and computer, WinXP, to change it. I set my computer to a TTL of 129 and my phone was set at 128. I was still blocked in a matter of seconds. Any idea of a way to see if the TTL was actually changed?

I think I have finally come up with a solution, for Windows Mobile.

I found a simple proxy server program, running this allows control over what is transmitted via the cell phone. Setting up a network connection between the phone using BT, USB, or WIFI is pretty easy with Windows Mobile, I’m not sure how hard it is on Android. Also I removed the gateway setting on the computer side so there is no unwanted traffic going over the phone connection. Then I set the PC programs to use the proxy. I have been running this for about an hour now with no issues.

I am sure there are plenty of SSH proxies with packet forwarding for Android, if it isn’t natively available.