I think I left or gave away the RAM I took out of a computer I upgraded on Tuesday (red Gskill ripjaw 8GB DDR3 1600 desktop RAM). If I gave it to someone, would it be possible for you to gift it to the Hive for use in a better machine for Hive?

The MOBO and CPU I replaced are functional and rather modern compared to current hive machines. i5, HDMI, etc. I may even have an AMD GPU that’s only a few years old at work that I could get for it.

I can’t remember if I gifted it to a member or not. If I did, it’s totally up to you. I didn’t realize our CAD computer was not as capable as I thought, and that this hardware would work better, also allowing us to move that machine somewhere else.


I was totally gonna snag them, but it sounded like you were intending to put them in another computer so I left them by you. How plausible would it be to use these components towards upgrading the dual screen monitor , and the rest to be used to upgrade the dinosaur in the fablab? If only to remove that issue where the computer randomly restarts while your in the middle of a project, but before you actually remember to save?

Very. That’s sorta the point. Didn’t realize that what I had in hand was better than the dual monitor computer. I left the MOBO on table.

I can’t remember exactly, but should be an i5 2.7ghz or so. 8 gigs of ram if found, variety of usb3, hdmi and other outputs.