Quick Introduction

Hey guys.

I found Hive13 by searching ‘Cincinnati Hackerspace’. I’ve never been to a hackerspace but the videos I’ve seen of yours look like you’ve got some neat talent and resources.

I’m the owner of Noble Laptops in Eastgate where I mostly do laptop and desktop repairs but I do some soldering and recycle computer equipment as well. Some time last year I started collecting vintage computers and have a nice little collection now. I’ve been wanting to get into electrical engineering for awhile now, and I’m ‘hopefully’ getting a Raspberry Pi for my birthday this month so tomorrow night seems like the perfect time to stop by.


Hey Beau ,

Sure we will be happy to have you always room for more around the table. Don’t know what you have planned but I cruise past Eastgate on my way down but I will be going past kind of early little after 5 usually grab some grub before the meeting and hang out. If you have any interest in hitching a lift.