Question - How to post an image file onto to a project page?


Can someone remind me how to include a photo onto a wiki project page?

I added image files onto the DIY-CNC page before, using text as

I now have new image files on my laptop at home, how/where do I upload/
put them so that the new images can be displayed on the Galileo
project wiki page?


Hi Jim,

After you login to the wiki page (upper right corner) You should have an Upload option on the left sidebar called upload.
You will need to be logged in to do this. I like to upload my pictures on a separate tab in my browser. That is because
after you upload to the wiki it shows the syntax you need to include that picture into another page.

Not 100% sure if that was what you were asking so let me know if it wasn’t.


Yep. In retrospect, it is obvious. Thanks, Jim