Question Concerning 3D Printed Helmet in the Fab Lab

Hello all,

I’ve noticed that there is a 3D printed helmet in the Fab Lab (the horned Skyrim helmet). Does anyone know who printed that out? I’m working on a project myself of a mask that I may want to make in a similar fashion, and want to pick the maker’s brain who put that together.


Tim Wagner

I believe dustin bruce did that one

I thought that was Mike.

Pretty sure it was Mike

Mike printed it and uploaded the model to thingiverse. He has printed a second one in child size for our son and is apparently printing a third one now for fun. feel free to pm him. (email:

Yeah here is the thingiverse upload:

The one at the hive is from a somewhat earlier version on the files.

What kind of mask are you working on? Let me know if there’s a question I can help with.


The specific mask I was working on I actually ended up finding a finished one on thingiverse for, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that a helmet I would attempt to make in the future would be something full headed, like Iron Man, Red Hood, etc.

My basic questions:

How thick did you make the shell of the mask?

Was there a specific methodology you used when you divided up your helmet? Looking at the pictures on thingiverse, it looks like some of the divide lines were intentionally placed as they were instead of arbitrary slices.

What did you use for the pins to hold everything together?


–The shell is not super uniform, but most of it’s about 5mm thick.

–When splitting into pieces, my priorities were: (1) try for biggest pieces could still fit the printer bed; (2) try to follow the natural “seams” of the model, (3) try to reduce amount of support material needed.
–Maybe someday I will print one on the gigabot that doesn’t need to be split :slight_smile:

–I 3D printed the pins too, using the hexagonal “peg.stl” file on the thingiverse page. The helmet at the Hive actually doesn’t have any pins though, it’s just glued…