Query: Crawfish Boil

Would anyone be interested in taking part in a crawfish boil hosted at the hive? I’m thinking about having some shipped up anyway and I thought I might as well make it open to whoever is interested. The would be a small cost associated with it depending on how many pounds you want to eat (I think its somewhere around ~$7 per pound).

If you’re interested in taking part in a crawfish boil at the hive, respond to this and let me know.

Hell yeah. I love crawfish

I’m interested.

Fuck yeah. Depending on when you want to do this, I may be able to help. The company I work for is based in Baton Rouge. I might drive down there instead of flying, especially if I can subsidize the trip by bringing back coolers of crawfish. I’ve actually thought about doing this because I have the hookup for crawfish down there. I can easily fit 1000lbs of crawfish in the bed of the truck. Crawfish season peak is close to Easter. I already was talking about going down there for a week in March. Hmm.

Absolutely interested.

I’d be down to make the cornbread!

Dumb question, but could non-member adults (guests of a member) also pay to attend?

We allow non-members for most events, I see no reason not to for this, sounds amazing

Definitely interested! Let me know when and how I can help.

yes I am interested. I would also bring a friend, so mark me down for 2.

I am interested too and I would like to bring my 5-year-old daughter if that’s cool. So put me down for 2.