Quarterly Board Meeting Link

If you would like to join in our Quarterly Board meeting, you can find the goings-on at:



It says “the party is over.”

Was this today?

Yes, Notes on the meeting will go out. One thing that was on my TODO was to install a watchdog timer on the Hive13 server. This attempts to detect if the server is hanging or hash kernel paniced and automatically reboots it. This is best done with a HW watchdog chip, however one is currently not installed in the server so we are using a software based one. Actually, we are just using what comes with the linux kernel:


Just an FYI, all I did to install it was type: sudo apt-get install watchdog

The module it uses is ‘softdog’. If for some reason you want to kill the daemon do a ‘service watchdog stop’ or send it signal 15 … do not send it a normal kill signal or even a signal 9… it will reboot the server. :slight_smile: