Q1 space reborganization. Resistance is futile. Your comments will be assimilated.


As has been discussed over the last several meetings, it seems like a good time to revisit reorganizing the space to make better use of our semi-recently rented additional room. Garden street has given their blessing for some minor changes, and we have a handful of people willing to do the work. I've been informally soliciting ideas for a month or two now. The best of what I've heard comes together as follows.

  1. Move the fablab and electronics area (pallet racks included) into the annex.
  2. Additionally, build some general purpose work tables to the annex for additional quieter projects. (sewing/crafts)
  3. Combine the former fablab and lounge into a single large meeting/training/social room.
  4. Move some of the metalworking equipment (that doesn't throw fire) outside of the metal room.
Items 1 through 3 serve the dual purpose of providing retreat from noisy activities during the day, and allowing louder social activity past the current noise curfew. Electronics, crafts, and fablab work are our quietest activities, so moving them to the annex seems to make the most sense.

The metal room is becoming prohibitively cramped. I'd like to see the lathe, band saw, blast cabinet, and future sheet metal tools move into the space currently occupied by the electronics area. One obvious bugbear is that the server rack is now in that space, but this does not seem insurmountable.

This will most likely occur in short bursts over a couple months, working with an eye towards keeping the space usable. We don't have to solve every layout problem in one massive effort, and I suspect the vast majority of us don't care about the details as long as tools remain available and workflow improves. Even so, I wanted to cast a final request for comments to the mailing list rather than just moving things around unannounced.

I'll bodge a rough project plan and floor plan image together before we begin. I still need to dig up the SVG files from the last go-round. I'll try to complete that over the weekend.

In the meantime, let us know what you think.

- Ry

Ryan, Thanks for a great write-up.

  1. generally agree with concept, devils in the details. arghh. 40 years of moving manufacturing plants around left some scars/calluses?

  2. seems to need a sequential plan - eg. electric, exhausts, do we need soundproofing for annex/future fablab ah what do you call it? Then move fablab, then…? Time for a whiteboard session and conclusions. This should be done live. Participate or be an observer and stay silent. I hope to participate and give a positive contribution.

  3. if tasks are planned out small enough then WE can schedule events and everyone can have a chance to participate in this positive change.

  4. coordinate this activity with all the other great things that the HIVE13 has going on. Example- classes for lathe, mill, CNC router, leather mask making. shapeoko, delta 3d build, TIG welder… Only so much time to give. the better we know what is going on, the better WE can contribute. And then there are all the other things to do with HIVE13 has that weren’t mentioned. sigh. life gets in the way.

So many ways to get involved. so many things to do and learn.

I’m in.


Our most fully developed layout calls for the laser cutters in the corner by the blocked off exterior window, and movement of the electronics area pallet racks into the annex to be re-purposed as both electronics and general crafts work tables with overhead storage for relevant bits. We’ve considered enclosing one of the small pallet rack areas and venting it out the window for use as a small spray booth. The 3d printers are placed against an interior wall to reduce cross drafts. Two more general purpose tables are located in the center of the room.


Another possibility is putting the lasers against one interior wall and the 3d printers against the other, with low work tables against the windows to allow as much light as possible into the room.


Comments are welcome. The original .svg floorplan is attached if anyone wants to play with alternative layouts.

  • Ry


Would anyone be available this Saturday 5/5 in the late morning to early afternoon for phase 2 of the electronics area move? I’d like to move the pallet racks into the annex and cover the kitchen before everything is showered with roof fragments.

Reassembling the wood shop would also be easier with more hands available.

  • Ry



I can be there from 10:30 to 4.
Anyone else?

I’ll plan on 10:30-ish as well.

Following another exercise in biting off more than Ry can chew, the Hive is almost (but not entirely!) trashed.

Thanks to the efforts of Daves Lear and Velzy, the electronics pallet racks have been moved into the annex. After Daves had to leave for the afternoon, I made a start at reassembling the electronics benches themselves. I’m leaving for the evening myself, but will return tomorrow to continue this work with a goal of having the electronics benches and meeting space usable again before Tuesday.

If anyone wants to pop in and help on Sunday, I will continue to appreciate the assistance.

The wood shop, metal shop, and fablab remain useable.

  • Ry

Sounds like good progress for just three people. I’ll be in around 10:00 tomorrow to help however I can, see you there!

Chaos abounds, but the Hive is inching towards functionality. Electronics area equipment has returned to the benches. It still must work be connected and organized. Anyone needing to do electronics work before we finish cleaning should feel free to clear a space and connect the necessary equipment.

The CAD station is temporarily set up in the main area adjacent to the kitchen. The CNC computer has not been reconnected, but can be. I’ll look to do this Tuesday evening if no one beats me to it.

PTDR has been mostly relocated to the former electronics area, and this should serve as a sufficiently large staging area to prepare for reuseapalooza.

The wood shop and fablab remain useable, laser alignment issues aside.

Thanks to Lorin and Kevin for their assistance today.

  • Ry