Python user group locally

Anyone know of a python user group locally? Need to connect with some other python developers but can’t find any organizations. (found a group in Columbus but nothing here)



i tried running a group here, and i would be glad to do so again if
folks are interested. we were meeting once a week and that was too
great a commitment for a lot of folks.

how about a monthly group?

I’m in.

I would be willing to do this.

what's a good day of the month? i am partial to thursdays and fridays.

but i would be open to other days. i don't have class in the evenings
this semester :slight_smile:

How about 2nd Thursday of the month. But I’m pretty flexible too.

I'll second that. I also should put up some of my Python code onto
github - including my nondeterministic automata that generates
buzzwords and (yes, Chris Anderson) dirty sex acts. Having some
internal Python projects might help things along.

Just an FYI, the 2nd Thursday of every month is also the Lock Picking Forensic night. Not that we can’t have both meetings at the same time. Just pointing it out.

Whoops, didn’t check the Hive calendar too. How about the third Thursday?

We could also plan on using something like Google+ or Ustream, make it available to more people. KISS though…