Purgatory donation

A few dozen 6 inch honeycomb mirrors have been sent to purgatory!

Might be cool for hive decoration, infinity mirror project, ‘smart’ mirror?

Or personal project.

They’re in an orange cloth cube on the purgatory shelf.



OMG, we MUST use these for a fixture in the lounge! Dibs!

The light reflected off of them will help warm up the room (color-wise) a little too.

our lasers etch glass pretty well, might be a fun thing to use to get more familiar with the small one

I remember growing up we had in our basement a big box full of sheets of disco ball mirror. I always wanted to do something crazy with the stuff. I’m certain that my dad has since pitched the stuff.

I also have a pile of larger, maybe 12”, hexagonal mirrors squirreled away for an eventual lounge decoration project. Working for a living is just seriously cutting into my screwing around time lately. They’re available if someone finds time and a worthy application before I do.

  • Ry

I highly don’t recommend working for a living. Only suckers do that. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to my job.