Purgatory 9/12-9/19

No picture - nothing unclaimed on Shelf C. The wheelchair frame is on Shelf C, though. New items go on Shelf B. There is a TV on Shelf B.

Also, I'm claiming dibs on a box of LEDs on Shelf B.

I grabbed that dual shaft motor that was on a shelf from the hall way. Tiff and I have been figuring out the tig unit we are leaning towards and finding the best price. That motor with the crimped wire wheel was a lower rpm than the grinders and while crippled i am making a jig that will do drill points on the tungstens. On the other side will be a sharpening strop style wheel for sharpening cutting instruments and scribes. It will be a fiber wheel with oxide coating and diamond dust to polish a darn nice edge or point.

oooo nice