Purgatory 7/11-7/18

New stuff goes on Shelf A. Shelf E would be up for grabs, but it’s empty.

There are a couple of things that have dibs called - Ian B. has dibs on the books on Shelf B - though sf course, if any of them belong to you and were merely on loan to the Hive, you may reclaim them and remove them from the Hive. Bill has dibs on the old sand blasting cabinet.

The old message board next to Purgatory is on Shelf D, also.

Finally, there are two smalls change in Purgatory procedure to announce.

First, if you claim dibs on something by posting your name on it, put the time and date on it. Also, you need to post on the mailing list within 24 hours claiming dibs for it to be valid. This is to help verify who gets first crack at something.

Second, if someone claims dibs on something, next once it would’ve went up for grabs, it goes back one week in the sequence and that person has that week to claim it. If not, it then goes up for grabs.