Purgatory 1/9-1/16

New stuff goes on Shelf B. There is nothing up for grabs on Shelf A.

There was a lot of stuff put into Purgatory last Saturday during the cleanup, so much that it well overflowed Shelf C.

  • The cabinet was in the bathroom. It’s free to whomever wants it.
  • The box of stuff in it is likewise up for grabs.
  • There is a big pile of motors unlabelled on the floor. They are in Shelf C, but they aren’t immediately up for grabs.
  • The books over on the chair are immediately up for grabs.
  • The carboy and orange bucket of stuff are not yet up for grabs.
  • The seat isn’t up for grabs yet.
  • Nothing on the shelf proper is yet up for grabs.
  • The sink, however, is up for grabs.
    Pictures attached.










Carboys mine. I’ll swing by and grab it this afternoon.

I think thats an xbox I brought in a while back. I will come take a look at it tonight or tomorrow.

haven’t made it in to grab my carboy. Please do not throw out or take.

It was just put on the shelf last Saturday it’s going to be a few weeks before it reaches the throw out stage.

Hey, if it is not thrown away, please save all the home shop machinist magazines in that pile for me. There is a series of articles on restoring an atlas horizontal mill in there :slight_smile: