Purchase plastic sheets locally?

Anyone know of a good place to pick up plastic locally?

specifically, I am looking for black thermoforming plastics to use in the vacuum former this weekend.

I’d prefer to use HDPE, but would be willing to settle for LDPE, ABS, Acrylic, or whatever I can get my hands on.

Need 1/8"-1/4" thickness.



I typically go to the Dayton store, but Alro Steel has a place in West Chester now. The store in Dayton has a “hit or miss” offcuts selection in the little store area, but you can possibly get what you need from ordering at the counter.

I’ve bought from Queen City Polymers, also in the West Chester area. Years ago, it was not really set up for small orders, but they did get me what I needed.

Final option I’m aware of is Parts Express in Springboro, and they have Saturday hours. These are textured black or white ABS sheets, with one size rough like a hammertone paint. The other side is smooth, but might have some flow discontinuities.


In the past they had 24 x 24", and white, but that link only has 12 x 24", black, in 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8".

Just remembered: Some hobby shops have small sheets of smooth ABS, typically in white, black, and gray, but smaller pieces, like 12x12".

Just remembered: Harrington Industrial Plastics. Off exit 14, Glendale-Milford, then west a bit. I bought some oddball PVC fittings from them. They were a bit more expensive than Lowes or Home Depot, but the fittings were very high quality (plus they weren’t carried at the regular stores).



Good luck!


Piedmont Plastics:


They have good prices and carry everything you’d need including HDPE. I’ve only done full 48" x 96" sheets with them.


Do note that in most vacuum formable plastics a 48" x 96" sheet rolls up into a 48" long roll under 18" in diameter.

For vacuu-form, most folks tend to prefer hdpe, petg, hips (high impact styrene). Often one of those three is cheaper and more readily available at piedmont, just ask what they have in any of those.

Thanks for the input everyone!

looks like it will be next weekend before I can get to any those places while open, but its awesome there are so many local options!