Pulley or brake drum puller

Brad offered to lend me a puller after the meeting Tuesday, but I suspect it won’t be big enough to clear a Jeep rear drum. It needs to span almost 10 inches, and the largest puller at AutoZone misses by almost an inch.

Does anyone have an official brake drum puller that I could borrow this weekend? I can pick it up any time, and will bring it back by the 14th.

Brad, have you looked to see if yours spans far enough?

Thank you!

I’ll check tonight but I think it is more of a gear puller with the hinged arms.
I’ll reply with the info when I get home tonight.



If you dont mind me asking how long has it been on without removal or did a brake cylinder lock out on the pads? Do you think a 2 jaw will get the job done or do you need a 3 jaw to keep it center if its locked up more. I can try to dog through my stuff in between katie and I’s stuff tomorrow. If you putting a new drum on a good ole angle grinder w/cutting wheel and metal chisel to crack it works great :slight_smile:

I just checked my toolbox. The puller I have is only good for 6 inches. I thought it was much bigger :slight_smile:

Like Kevin said, you might want to check on just buying a replacement drum and then cutting/cracking that old one off.


The drums have been on longer than she’s owned the Jeep, though the previous owner seems to have taken fairly good care of it.
A two jaw would probably work, I don’t so much need force as a steady pull. I’m hoping to not need to replace, they aint cheap, and I am.

An option could be to stop by a small auto repair shop and ask about them getting the drum off. I paid a shop $25 to remove an old VW rear drum once.

I think you told me it was undriveable though so that complicates things . .

Have you thought about fabricobbling something. Seems like a nice piece of threaded rod + a couple of arms could “fake” a gear puller.

We have a welder… And a bandsaw. Andrew has a point. You could take some measurements and make something that would work from scrap laying around. Cheap solution. :slight_smile:

Yes we could make a puller from some of the scrap we have laying around.
I would way overdesign it.

Some stout C channel and some beefy threaded rod would probably do the trick.

We can external thread almost anything round. For internal thread we have taps up to 1/2" and you can get a 3/4-16 tap and die for ~$20. We could even buy it under the warden budget and make them Hive13 tools since that would increase our capability.

So, looks like I need to get some metal, anybody want to help me do some welding? I’ve never used anything but stick, and that’s been almost 30 years ago.

I’ve only done smaller drums, but I watched my uncle do a big one when I was a kid. There was a little inspection window (maybe with a rubber plug?) that let you adjust the parking brake star wheel. If yours has that window, and you can loosen that star wheel, the shoes will retract away from the drum.


So maybe I’m underestimating this, but it’s a one-off, why not just use some 2x4s. Metal is a harsh and unforgiving mistress. She returns careful attention with small cuts and bruises.

Yes, there is an adjuster, but it’s already been un-adjusted, the problem here is rust, age, and surprisingly close tolerances with all six holes.