Public Library Makerspace in the news (and new awesome book binding machine there)


We went there yesterday to get our son’s passport application filed (didn’t even know they did that there). They did a great job.

I was impressed at all the gear they had;
Multiple 3D printers, looked like one SLA.
3D scanner
The book binding machine was very interesting. I wasn’t clear on the total cost, lots of options.
They had a large format vinyl printer (looks like about $2 per foot, up to 30 inches wide).
Laser cutter, about the size of our small one. Hooked up to a neat exhaust scrubber.
Sewing machines
Multiple computers with lots of nice software.
Multiple button makers.
Table with the little cube robot kits.

Here is the link to the library info:

The helpers were very friendly and the whole space seemed inviting.
I’m glad we have that in our city. Wonder if we could leave them some info on the Hive?


One of the people who helped create the library maker space was a founding member of the Hive. :slight_smile:


We’re already working with them. The director there is Ella Mulford, and, although it’s been a while since she visited hive, she’s a supporter (as is the library).

The printing is great, and I’m definitely going to use the book binder in the future. Their reservation system for in-demand tools is a nightmare, though. I often use DAAP printing service to avoid the reservation thing there (even though I’d prefer to support the library).

Book binding is pretty cheap. Usual is $40 registration for self-publishers and less than 20 cents per page. I think the example was “pride and prejudice” for about $6.50.


Pride and Prejudice is less than 33 pages?

Hence why I think Brad and everyone is confused on the pricing schemes.

Okay, so a printed book:

1 printed leaf of paper = 4 pages of the book when bound
P&P is 340 pages

So, 340 /4 = 85 pages

85 * $.06 = $5.10

Throw in a cover and you’re about at the figure above. That’s my reasoning. However, I’d ask Ella if you really want to know.


Thought I’d chime in, the library makerspace is a really nice complement to Hive13. The vinyl printer/cutter in particular is great…it can make banners, bumper stickers, wall decals, T-shirt transfers, and more. Some of our hive13 signs were printed there.

They do have an SLA printer, which I believe is a prototype pegasus touch. It’s kind of a special case to actually get to use it though, since they don’t often have the reservoir filled…apparently it’s a pain to setup and cleanup. (this may have changed since the last time I talked to them)


The Hive has a barely used vinyl cutter that one of my friends donated. Someone set it up and had it operational at one point but I’m not sure what happened.

That cutter is still in the fablab. Documentation is on the wiki. The library’s unit is just a printer as well, so it’s much more flexible.