PTDR truck unload


I’m driving the truck back from Detroit in the morning and I need the truck returned by noon. A lot of the PTDR crew is going separate ways because of travel arrangements.
Could we get some help to unload the truck at the Hive around 10:30?


Brad “long weekend” Walsh

10:30pm tonight or 10:30am tomorrow morning. Sorry, wasn’t clear on that.


Good timing that I’m off work today. We will be there.


Just made it to Cincinnati I’m gonna grab Wendy’s to go and be there in just a minute.



We have loaded the power tool racers and track into the Hive, and Brad is off to return the truck. Thanks to Jon, Elly, and Alex for appearing to help unload.

Unfortunately, everyone had to leave and get on with their respective days. The wood shop and workbenches are still covered in debris and nearly unusable. I will return this evening to clear the work surfaces. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It’s probably also time for a couple enthusiastic Saturday clean up sessions. The personal storage outside of designated areas has again gotten entirely out of hand. I’ll be taking some pieces of the PTDR setup home this week, and I encourage others to consider how much material they’re storing down here as well.

I’ll have an informal Saturday cleanup this weekend, and then hit it again on the usual Second Saturday. At this time, we will begin aggressively removing materials that have overstayed their welcome.

  • Ry

The work surfaces at the hive are again somewhat usable. There’s more to be done, so hopefully we can pick the project up again on Saturday.

Thanks to Dustin for coming down to assist this evening.

  • Ry

Thank you guys

Yes thanks to all for the help. The PTDR event went well in Detroit and the extra help today was awesome.
We will get things cleaned up and return the Hive to usable condition.
I think we got some good exposure and made a lot of people happy.
Jim’s great work was able to continue without him. A testament to his excellent design and training.

After many events under my belt I would say we really good even with weather hickups. The director Shawna was really happy with things and she said our ptdr is something a lot of the volunteers talking about having to see themselves lol. Way to go everyone and sorry I was handicapped by my foot and ankles a bit.