PTDR in NYC - Call for Cameras

Power Tool Drag Racing saw the most hilarious finish to date in Louisville this weekend. One of Kevin's racers jumped across the track, winning the race for Katie by tripping the finish line trigger in the opposing lane.

The laughter then slowly died under the crushing realization that no one had been capturing video.

To prevent recurrence of this tragedy in NYC, I'd like to ask if anyone has small video cameras that they could loan to PTDR for the weekend. Simple gopro style HD cameras that can capture to SD cards would be the best fit. We'd like to strap a few to the start and finish lines, continuously record the races, and cut a highlights reel together following the event. If anyone has such cameras avaiable and would be gracious enough to part with them for a weekend, please either message Jim or I privately, or bring them to the weekly meeting tomorrow.

Thanks again to all who have assisted with the races. It's been a wonderful season so far.

- Ry

I forgot to pack up my knock off GoPro cameras for Louisville and I have been kicking myself hard ever since. That hold tournament would have made some absolutely amazing video. Katie and I’s phone had died from accidentally leaving the GPS on while making a bunch of phone calls and weren’t able to really record anything. After watching every tool racing video on YouTube I honestly have to say that my racer doing a barrel roll through the air into Katie Lane and sliding over the finish line upside down is the craziest Power Tool racing incident I’ve ever seen. I know it’s not too humble of me to put it that way but honestly we were like holy shit when it happened because Katie Car had got all crazy and did a flip and rolled over and her Wayne and mine decided it would finish the race for her lol. If anyone has GoPro cameras that would be awesome I am also working on getting that small sound mixer slash amplifier looked up with my 1000 watt rack amp 4 the microphone to make the announcement for the race and the betting between people. I am soldering up some conversion cables tomorrow and will likely try to make a small rolling enclosure to put the amplifier and mixer in for the event later in the evening after the meeting tomorrow or on Wednesday. Also Jim do we need to cut some strips of chipboard to repair the holes that have been cut through the track that are really bad. I can help with that tomorrow or even take care of it myself if there is a way to get them loaded in the truck for New York before you leave. We are going to have a rental car hopefully to drive up there because the Toyota from the rec is not acting well and I won’t be able to throw any large objects into the rental

I’ll pass the word on to some friends. I think someone may have something. My rig is a little too intense for this, and I can’t lend out the UC cameras… I don’t have anything point and shoot like a gopro other than a Fuji that does okay HD and is shockproof, but has no sound…

I know some good rental places in NYC if it comes down to it. I may be able to swing a deal. They tend to have to pros for auxiliary cameras and “plants” available these days.


When is this for? This weekend?

Yes, this weekend. Thursday 9/24 through next Tuesday 9/29, as the truck flies.

  • Ry

I have a GoPro that I’d lend out for the weekend if you want it.


While I’m not an “official” “member” I do have a flip video camera if you guys need it.