PTDR Hackathon 4/23/16

Hey guys, with our first makerfaire of the season happening in 5 more weeks, I believe we should have a power tool drag racing hackathon!

This Saturday from 12-6pm we will work on power tool drag racing. We would like some help designing and build a few PTDR house racers, or you can bring your tools down and work on your own! Few things we would work on:

  • Drafting silly/cool/awesome/diabolical/all of the above designs for racers. Get them on paper or cad stuff up. Then show them off.
  • Get familiar with power tools. Bring your ideas and we will brain around how functional and awesome your idea is.
    So designers and artists welcome! We would love your advice and input.

Kevin will be here helping on the technical side of building racers, and I will try to work on the design aspects to have some fun and unique racers!

This will be the first many hackathon’s before our first makerfaire, so if you can’t make it this Saturday, keep your eye out for the next one!