PTDR crate return from the Bay Area


FYI - The PTDR crate has returned from the Bay Area Maker Faire. I've got a limited time window to get it moved back in this weekend.

I've asked Garden Street to get it to our back dock by 5:00pm tonight. That will be too late to move the un-opened crate in through Esterman's space after the end of their day. Instead, I plan to open and unpack the crate working off the dock, bringing piece parts in individually through the yellow door.

It is short notice, but if anyone is bored and/or open to help from say 5:30 to 7:00, help is welcome. No harm or foul if not available. This is just the time window that works for me.

Stay tuned, there may be a similar lathe and general move-around opportunity tomorrow morning.


I am unfortunately in the middle of a go-live for work this evening, and cannot appear at the Hive.

I want to remind everyone to please be cautious around the crumbling concrete near the ledge by the back door. We've had one accident there already, and I would hate to see another because people aren't aware of the danger.

Please stay close to the wall if you're bringing in heavy items.

- Ry

It is done. Thanks to the crew of 6 to 8 helpers. You know who you are. Many hands make light work. There remain Iles of PTDR clutter to claim to return the Hive to its livable spaciousness.


Wish I could have helped lol no weight and no driving with the right foot would not have gotten me very far. Awesome work and thank you to all that helped!

I am not able to attend tonights meeting, having some problems with the foot and getting around. Lol the water jacket insert inside the bandages had a leak and soaked my splint so improvising for the time being as that one had to be cut off till the next dr appointment. I am trying to find one of those knee scooters today or order one and get a ride down to the next meeting to be able to clean all my stuff up. Just wanted to give a heads up.