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Hello: I have a long drive. For the out of towners, driving in from the east is kinda like having a Klingon shouting “Merge! Or Die!” while you desperately try and figure out what lane to be in where, as the nice lady keeps saying “Recalculating!” as you pass where you were supposed to have been.

So… recommendations for easier routes, is it best to hit Hopple and drive south?

Hi, are you heading to hive13 or to Makerfaire?

I just added him to the mailing list so I’m guessing he’s referring to the space.

I feel your pain. I’m an in-towner and I still manage our freeways with more luck than skill.

… I will not be much help in this matter.

  • Ian B.

If you’re heading to the Hive, you can avoid most of the deathmerge hilarity by coming in on I71. Use either 126 (AKA Ronald Regan cross county) or 562 (AKA Norwood lateral) to cut across the city to I75 south.

Get off I75 at Mitchell (exit 6) then head south down Spring Grove to the Hive. Due to construction on I75, the Hopple St. exit is challenging from either direction.

  • Ry

There is a section where Spring Grove turns into the William P Dooley Bypass it will turn back into Spring Grove in a few blocks, If you take Spring Grove, it will go through a few stop lights and take you to Elmore . Turn right on Elmore, then left onto Colerain (one way streets) and then right turn back onto Spring Grove (under an overpass)

You’ll continue south on Spring Grove, its a pretty straight street until you go under another underpass and then it makes a strong left curve and goes past the fire house. At the next light, the building on your right is where we are. Go to the gray door that is part way down the side of the building.

You can park on the street in front of the building (either side) or in the lot at the end of the building. if you overshoot the driveway the next driveway (Garden Street) has a place where you can drive through into the parking lot.

I recommend doing a test run if you are unsure, So you are not as rushed trying to get there when it’s time critical.


Ideally, you’ll just bear left at that point and use the bypass. Your mapping software will likely suggest this because it is the simpler and faster route.

  • Ry

Goodness… I would try tonight, but I am gearing up for a tool purchase above dayton later this week. I spotted a deal on a mill, and have the best offer in. Now to move 1.5k lbs :slight_smile: Gotta prep my rollers, chains and binders, and all the truck and trailer stuffs. I did like the 126 suggestion, been there a few times, a right turn on it is doable. The left in traffic needs a hearty “kappla!”

Okay, I made it there. I almost dropped off the compressor in the back, but decided against that. Is the space with the huge cool old door attached?