Proposed vote for basic metal working tools.

I’m proposing a vote for some basic pneumatic metalworking tools. Those tools are:

Air Shear -
Nibbler -
Dual Action Sander -

Additional Bits and Bobs to get the tools shelf ready.
Pads for DA Sander 80/180/320 grit -
Airline Fittings -

The total bill will around $175 after tax, So I’m asking for $200 to be safe.

These are all pretty basic tools for light sheet metal work. They aren’t amazing tools, but they are functional and more than we have access to at this time. I also figure that if we have people that start doing projects that exceed the abilities of these things we can have a new discussion at that time. I say this after doing several of my projects using both the shears and nibbler that I have borrowed from other people.

I now leave this open for discussion and feedback.

Will B

Nibbler and Air Shear I would hesitate to go HF for… have used both and didn’t last. Those are very useful tools that see pretty heavy abuse when used, I’d be more likely to vote yes for something of Ingersoll-Rand quality.

each is on the order of $125-$175



When you say they didn’t last, what do you mean?

The majority of what I have heard people talk about wanting to do has been creating or modifying project boxes and enclosures, or doing cutouts for mounting. The IR models are without a doubt higher quality and if you were using these on a daily basis, they’d be a much better choice. I’ve used both the CP and I’m guessing a Blue Point from the 80’s (most of Pop’s shop stuff was BP). The CP ones I used for a few projects seemed fine to do a project, then toss back on the shelf till the next project comes up. I’m wondering what your, or anyone else’s experience has been for the small stuff we would typically be doing? So far we have a total of 2 data points.

If there is a reason to upgrade to the higher end items I’m game to talk about it. But as it stand now, unless it’s something that can cut it with the bandsaw, abrasive saw, or hand snips we are SOL.

I agree that maybe HF is too low rent.


There is lower tier IR model at Home Depot for ~$100.

Also a highly rated one on Amazon for ~$45

IR version for ~$100


Looks like Dewalt also makes a dual action sander for about ~$70

Since we are doing OK money wise I would push for $350 and get “nicer” tools. I do understand the “start low” and work you way up though. I personally hate using crap tools. :slight_smile:

I’m going to put up another vote for some more hand tools. We really don’t have a complete socket set and other stuff.

Let’s make the Hive awesome!

I have some nice DA sanders that I am not using all that much and can bring one of those down. As for the air shears and nibbler I would go for ingersol as well and whatever models we get just make sure there is a part number for a rebuild kit.

For the socket sets, I picked up the Coscto brand mechanics set, and holly crap the stuff is extremely nice for 100 bucks. Getting a set like that and then the deep well impact sockets from harbor freight would work out good. The newer impact sockets they have as well as the home depot husky brand are to much tighter tolerances than the ones years ago. Some of them even have a knurled end and nitride finish for longevity.

Cool. I’ll start another thread for the socket set, so as to not hijack this thread about the pneumatic air consumers.

If people are on board for just going higher end stuff, cool. Crap tools aren’t fun, but I also need a $350 drill to make 2 holes in a 2x4. My worry is always that we would get, say a $1600 tool that just sits around collecting dust.

$100 Shear
$100 Nibbler
$70 Sander
$60 Sander consumables
$20 Fittings
+tax and CYA

$400 total then?

We could save $100 and skip getting a nibbler if we were to replace the plasma cutter…

So did the vote change to the $400 for the better tools? If So thats a yes.
If its still the HF tools, I am gonna vote no.

I am also a yes vote for the higher quality tools, and a no for HF

To clarify for everyone. Since there seems to be general support, I'm proposing a vote for $500 to get good quality air shear, air nibbler, dual action sander, general consumables and fittings.

The estimate is around $400ish, the $500 budget is just in case.

To clarify I vote yes for the new numbers.

I vote yes ($500).