Proposed purchasing procedures

Here is the google doc during the proposed purchasing procedures. We voted on this during the meeting. If you have questions, ask away.

We are NOT voting on approving Services at this time - this is just a vote over whether the proposed procedure for purchasing sounds sane.

-Dave B.

This item is actually up for vote! We had 13 people vote yes for it at the meeting and no objections (several non votes though), but we need about 23 people to vote to get the 50% quorum to actually pass this.

If you haven’t voted, PLEASE VOTE!

If you are a member and would like to vote, please email me and I will send you the link to the poll.

Voting starts tonight and will end next Tuesday at the meeting.

Jon, why don’t you just email any voting links out to everyone’s email addresses by default? I believe there’s an “all paid members” distribution list that will hit everyone eligible.


Not all people get addresses since we have a limited number and very few people check that email.

i dont think i even knew about the emails lol. but if you send me the link I will read up on the proposed procedures and vote.

I forgot about that. Google changed their free model to limit the # of
addresses available in the free version, iirc? I just think we need a
better way to be notified when something's up for a vote than the
current (rather manual) process. Any suggestions?


I see absolutely no problem with it. It is what we defined in the bylaws as the main method of communication. This email should be a bit more obvious such as having a [vote] tag on the title and such, but whatever. Dave put it up without realizing that I was supposed to put this up, so whatever.

It could not hurt to have a more targeted list of current members, and only send the voting information to those members. Since most people pay via Paypal it would not hurt to send out the email to only those people.

That said, in the past people have felt left out of the voting process for any number of reasons and it was decided that we would always send the voting information to the full mailing list to keep everyone informed of important issues.

I didn't think the process was wrong, Jon, just that if you wanted a
better shot of achieving quorum sending the vote link to a list of
current members proactively as Paul mentioned would probably solve
that quick.