Proposed Bylaw Revision - Warden Budget and listing of Dues in Bylaws

Summary of the Proposed Bylaw revision;

  1. Remove specific member dues amounts from the bylaws.
  2. Publish current member dues on a wiki page.
  3. Remove the Warden discount from the warden member section.
  4. Add: The Warden Budget shall be allocated each month for maintenance, repair, and minor improvements to the hive’s workspaces and equipment. The COO and Wardens with counsel from the Treasurer will prepare a Warden budget for Board approval. The Board will submit the approved Warden budget for member vote. (remove the fixed $250 budget)

Note: Current Member Dues are not changed or affected by this bylaw revision. It has been proposed because we have made repeated member votes to boost Wardens and MRO spending to meet expanded space and increasing cost requirements.

A link to the redlined document is here:

The membership fee (Member Dues) Wiki page is here.

I endorse this - JimD

I endorse this. -KJC

Yes from Phil

I advise people not endorse this change. As discussed in the #leadership_discussion channel in slack today, this change fails to meet the goal of allowing changes to the warden budget and dues amounts without requiring a full membership quorum vote. We should bench this change till next year’s meeting.

Particularly since there is significant disagreement on this change among the current and former leaders who reviewed it.

Kevin, You misinterpret the term ‘member vote’. A member vote shall be decided by the affirmative vote of more than one half (50%) of the Members voting online or present at any Meeting. A change to the Warden budget if this is approved will only require a member vote.

On the other hand: A bylaw change requires a ‘vote of the Membership’ which requires a quorum: at least half (50%) of the existing Membership on the day of the vote.

Approving this change requires a quorum.

After the bylaws are changed, a revision to the Warden budget will require only a member vote.

I’d like to second Dave’s description of the changes for people - they are brief, you can read them on the document he linked. This moves set payment amounts out of the bylaws that require a full quorum of the membership to vote into a regular member meeting vote like we have all the time.

This is backstopped by the board of directors being where the proposed changes come from for the members to vote on – this isn’t a thing anybody can just propose and the simple majority of members that vote get it passed.

With all that said, I endorse the change to place it on the ballot.

Thanks for your work on this @DVelzy

-Chris Davis

Ah, that clarification clears things up nicely, thank you. I withdraw my objection and endorse


Endorsed - but different because discourse won’t let me post “something similar to what I recently posted”

I endorse this change.

I endorse this change.