[Proposal] Working Shapeoko


I mentioned it last night and it was suggested that I make a post.

Due to the Shapeoko’s unwillingness to fix itself, I am volunteering to see this to completion. However, due to the number of my Hive related projects and the lack of priority to fix the Shapeoko… I am proposing that I bring it home to work on it during some of my “free time”.

Apparently, I am not the first to suggest this sort of solution and that it did not work out last time. Therefore, I am willing to donate $75 to Hive13 if I do not return the Shapeoko in a better (WORKING) state before Spring of 2020 (April 1st).

In addition to this request, I was hoping to hear some opinions of what the Shapeoko’s use case should be as we will have 2 other working CNCs in the Hive.

  1. Enclosed CNC (similar to the large CNC but with enclosure for minimizing post-CNC cleaning)
  2. ???


At hack.rva we had a large CNC router which was rather finecky and involved. It didn’t get a lot of use. Then someone donated an X-carve. It used a piece of software called Easel, which greatly simplified the workflow. It got a LOT of use very quickly, as it lowered the barrier of entry.

It was easy to build a nice station for it with self-contained dust collection, storage for fixturing and cutting tools, etc.

That one had a work area of 750 mm x 750 mm. What is the working area of the Shapeoko? According to the github page it should be about 300 x 300 mm. Is that still true or has this one been modified in some way?


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That’s a very good point.i don’t think the wiki is too far off, but I don’t know the x y off the top of my head.

Enclose and make it easy to use. That’s a great idea.