Proposal to purchase Raptor plastic nailgun system for CNC

Regarding different non-soft materials: huh… I didn’t even think about that! :slight_smile: I’d love to test it out on my woods to help us experiment and decide what is on the no-go list. I primarily cut hard maple and walnut (both pretty dense/hard woods) and also poplar, which isn’t so hard.

I have some already scrap hard maple and walnut that we can test.

I’ve got some pieces of oak I can donate to the cause.

So do I! Scrap party!! (Every woodworker that I know of has this failing cough hoarding…)

I was pretty cured of it when I discovered I had lost not one, but two grill sided propane tanks under a heap of cheap bead board I had been holding onto because it was stained and sealed. Now I’m pretty aggressive about pitching stuff. For me if it’s less than $50, and I can buy it again, it goes. It’s just too expensive to fill your space with junk.

Let me try and go through my pneumatic guns this weekend , I hook up nice spray gun regulators at the gun to really control airflow to the piston

Sorry, Andrew, I’m with Elly on this one! ;p


So long as I don’t have anybody anxiously hovering over the scrap heap when I do a purge and muttering “My Precious” I think we’re good. :wink:

I think we’ve all seen various projects where a single piece of “worthless” scrap gets turned into something cool. However in my case I wasn’t able to get to large parts of the garage. There was literally an ocean of little bits of cheap stained pine that were “too valuable” to throw out. (I had rebuilt the entire front porch) Like I couldn’t open the door on one of the cabinets. That’s some pretty serious negative utility for you there for a lot of “free” wood. The purge was very refreshing.

Very left coast!

On the wiki for tonight’s meeting, it looks like it is being voted on tonight as opposed to next Tuesday. If so I’ll submit a vote of a Yes.,_2017