Proposal - Sell/Store the Wood Shaper

Currently we have a wood shaper that doesn’t appear to have been used since it was donated in 2014. It also doesn’t appear that anybody has any interest in using it. David Lear has stated that he doesn’t want it back. From what I can tell it’s currently in working order.

It’s currently taking up valuable floor space in the woodshop area, and I’d like to remove it to allow for more space for other tools.

As such I’d like to suggest that we either store it in a less accessible space, say on top of the pallets, or put it on Craig’s list. Grizzly sells a comparable unit for ~$400, so I think we could get $200 for it.


I would back that up. Shapers and jointers tend to be the worst accidents, and shapers are far less useful for majority of tasks. I’ve only seen the shaper used twice in the last year or two.


Oh? I’m curious who was using it, and what they were doing. If there is somebody then storing it makes more sense.

I’ve been guessing that nobody has been using it, since it’s currently not setup to be used. Do so would cause the current head to cut into the fence, which is not correctly bolted down, and is currently upside down.

This is the point at which I wonder why we only have 1 member with 9 fingers…


Tiff used it to create rounded ends on some think wooden dowels earlier this year…but it definitely doesn’t get a lot of use.

Nope, I used the router :slight_smile:

Hey this 9 finger member has not used it lol.

That’s for sure – then there’d be 8!

Lol it would take more fingers from me than one and likely my wife :stuck_out_tongue: …dang shapers

Kinda makes my point.

I think Will B managed to short a finger the other day. I’ll be going over some of the more popular options for shortening fingers in my series on tools in the woodshop. :wink: