Proposal for Wireless Access Point upgrade

Hello all,

Short version: I am proposing a budget of $150 for the purposes of acquiring a new Wireless Access Point for the space.

Long Version: Some of you may have noticed network connection at the space has been cutting in and out occasionally. It is intermittent which makes it difficult to track down but I believe it is being caused by our wireless access point. This AP is old and even if I could fix it it would likely break in some new and fantastic way relatively soon. The plan instead is to purchase us a Ubiquiti AP AC Pro (~$130. The budget has some wiggle room in case I need additional cables, etc.) which gives us WAY better speeds and WAY more stability. I will also be relocating the access point to a better location while I’m at it. The current location/orientation is less than ideal for maximizing signal strength and coverage.

Side note: I wont be at the next meeting when this is actually voted on. So put me down for a yes :slight_smile:

Ian B.

I won’t be at the next meeting either, so put me down for a yes as well.

Ubiquiti hardware is nice!!

Yes from me if I’m not there.

When it is retired, I’d like that WAP back please if it is not going to be in active service.


I think I may not make it either my vote is yes.

I may not make it either my vote is also yes.

I have these WAP’s and love them; make sure that they have the latest firmware otherwise they will disassociate randomly.


Vote as a yes from me :slight_smile:

vote a yes for me