Proposal for Fire Equipment

Currently the Hive lacks a place to properly dispose of oily rags. These rags can be generated in a variety of ways, including doing wood finishing using boiled linseed oil among other things. The problem is the effectively the rags are put into the trash enmass where they start an exothermic reaction as part of the curing process, and you get a “spontaneous” combustion. For more information see here:

Generally it’s advisable to have a small metal cap with a self-sealing lid that is raised off the ground. The size makes it unlikely to contain a large amount of material, the metal is fire resistant, and the self-sealing lid cuts off the air supply.

I’d also like to see a full sized fire extinguisher in the wood shop just in case.

So my proposal is that the Hive buy the following:

  1. A trash can specially designed to dispose of oily rags

Currently $47.95

  1. A refillable ABC fire extinguisher to be mounted on the pole in the center of the woodshop.

Currently $58.03

Finally for a small sign to be installed above the can. I will perform the installation of the fire extinguisher and sign when they arrive.



Also the total is $110 for this.

Additions to the Hive to keep it from blowing up are always good ideas. If this is a formal vote, I vote yes.

Tim W.

Bump. Planning on bringing this up on Tuesday.