Proposal for a Woodshop Workbench

This is a follow up to the previous RFC on a roubo style wood bench.

I’ve drawn up the plans, and done the pricing at the local borg store for lumber and vises. I’ll be attaching the plans in the next post. Total is going to be $750, which allows for some fudge factor for when something goes wrong.

Lumber total is $300

Workbench Lumber List
Bench Top Laminant - qty 17 2x10 - 8’ (ripped in half) $10 per = $170
Legs - qty 4 2x6 - 8’ cut in half $5 per = $20
Lower beam - qty 1 2x6 - 10’ (cut in half) $10
Lower cross beam - qty 1 2x6 8’ (cut in half) $5
Upper Cross Beam - qty 1 2x4 8’ (cut in half) $5

Leg Vise Chop - qty 1 2x6 - 8’ $5
Deadman - qty 1 2x6 $5

Center tool rack (Oak)
1x4 - 8’ $25

Half sheet 1/2" birch plywood - $25

Maple Facing for vises

Vise total is $450

Wind River large quick release front vise - $220
Eclipse quick release 10" bench vise - $160
Handles 3 @ $9 - $27
Screw for leg vise $25

I vote yes!

It sounds great. I’ll yes it on Tuesday for sure. Looking forward to seeing the plans.

It’s great that we have folks working passionately on many different areas of hive right now.


I agree! I’m excited for all the improvements we are doing! Keep up the good work everyone!

As promised scans of my blueprints. Making draws mostly so I’ve thought it out ahead of time, but why not share.


  1. Side view shows through tennons, that won’t be the case.
  2. Going to cut a 1/2" dado on all bottom rails for the plywood support.

workbench.pdf (41 KB)

Also to be very clear, the total requested is $750 for lumber and hardware. I think that got lost a bit in the original post. I hope to get under that, but you never know.

Total: $750

This is the request for a budget to build a woodworking bench for the woodshop. Bumping this since there seemed to be some people who had missed it before the meeting.