PROPOSAL: Designjet ink/ Printheads

The designjet’s ink is out of date/old & dried out. To be effective these need replaced.
The link above is the best price I found. There is 6 colors meaning 6 ink and 6 printheads / cleaners.

Costs are $58.99 for ink and $158.99 for printhead/cleaner

that would be (58.99 +158.99)*6= $1307.88 with free shipping.

wait why would we replace these?

I thought we were getting rid of that printer? When did that change?

Correct, that printer has been used exactly once since it was donated… and we’ve been trying to get rid of it since then.

We have a standing offer from Player2, I say we take it and free up that space.


It has been used more than just once, however the thought was that it would be too expensive for us to keep the printer maintained and that we should sell it. Looking back through the meeting minutes it looks like the decision was made back in November of 2013 (,_2012 )

I have not been to any meetings in quite some time, so I don’t know if it has been discussed again, but this seems like this might be a topic that should be discussed in person at a meeting to see if there is a significant benefit to the hive having its own large format printer.

I know when the printer first arrived it was tentatively discussed setting up some kind of a usage fee for the printer to help pay for its maintenance, but this was turned down at the time for a number of reasons:

  • In order to keep the printer in working condition, it needs to be used regularly.
  • Our IT infrastructure is maintained on an ad-hoc volunteer basis, and we did not have anyone volunteering to setup the and maintain the software needed for the printer.
  • There was not a lot of enthusiasm for another ‘Pay to use’ piece of hardware
  • A fee to use the hardware would make the problem of it not being regularly used more of an issue.
  • Without a fee, the printer could end up being a drain on resources used by only a few people
  • At the time, we really could have used the extra cash
    The reason the printer is still sitting around mostly comes down to it takes effort to sell an item, and we work on a member-volunteer basis. Nobody really committed to spend their personal time selling a group item.

I know I have not been at all active with the group recently, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date with the what I remember of the history of the printer.

For that price, you could almost get a new wide printer.

I’d like to have one around if it made sense, but the economics of that one doesn’t seem to work out. If we have an offer, lets make it an agenda item to vote on that specific offer next meeting.

(Self Correction, November of 2012 is when the original decision was made)

i thought we voted previously to sell it? and it passed.

My proposal was to vote on the particular offer Bill mentioned.

Or, maybe the vote should just be to empower someone to take care of it. (no, I’m not volunteering, I’m the worst negotiator :slight_smile: )

I can throw it in my truck and drag it wherever if need be. LMK.

If this vote happened nearly 1.75 years ago why is it still here? We now have some people who has an interest in it. I was looking to print some things, I was asked to print hive banners if it worked, I have also been told others were curious..

Dan, it is still here because no one volunteered to be responsible for selling it and the person whose lap it fell into was more motivated to work on other things.

I will vote AGAIN to get rid of it. It takes up too much space, is too expensive to run and requires continual use and maintenance in order to stay useful. We’re a hackerspace not a print shop.

Good question… I’ve been pushing to get rid of it for a while now. However, Player2’s offer is recent and I think we should act on it asap.