projectors/circuit breakers tripping

Have the cables in the lounge area been changed around lately? I was looking tonight for the one for the overhead projector but couldn’t tell which one it was. They are all labeled but none seem to match the label on the cable at the projector.

Since the circuit breaker tripped tonight while I was using the projector out in the main area I hope it didn’t overheat anything in the projector. The fridge kicking on seems to be too much with everything else on that circuit running.

The projector in there will be down for the next few days (talk about murphy, I think it has been months since it has been used and I just started moving it around last night). And yeah, the AC in 3B (classroom area) is overloading the circuit since the fridge is also on that circuit. We may need to get a small extension cord or something and plug the AC in to the new 20A drop in the kitchen.


Just an update to all on this: The projector connection has been reconnected. It is now in the back right of the lounge from when you walk in (behind the Mrs. Pacman/bar/slot machine). Sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused!

I still haven’t moved over the AC (forgot to after I looked at it), but I will the next time I’m down so that should settle that circuit breaker tripping.