Projector Screen

I was thinking about sheets for the projector screen and I remembered that Harbor Freight was having a sale on tarps. Would this tarp work?

It’s a reversible blue/silver tarp for $5. If the silver is not too reflective then maybe it will work as a thick screen and then we could use the blue on the back for a green blue screen for video effects?

all the screens i have worked with are white, anyone know if gray will
affect the picture?

I have a feeling it will be much too reflective and non-uniform for either use, but we can certainly try it.

Besides it will be good to have for disposing of that zombie lurking in the space once we find him.

A quick amazon search turned up this:

8.7 ft x 9 ft, white, I have amazon prime so 2-day shipping is free, $30

Good point. They also have 9x12’ drop cloths that are white for $15

I’m thinking that will be thick enough.

Although reading around you apparently want some fabric that is thick enough to not let the light pass through it, but also not reflective.

The drop cloth does not look too bad, could be very much so worth it to give it a try.

Wow… I think I accidentally that entire sentence.


The drop cloth looks like a good solution, and it is cheaper so it could be worth it to give it a try.

Just for reference, Amazon is selling wall/ceiling projection screens for around $50.

So our goal would be to keep our time & parts costs < $50 I guess, or just buy it.

Right now I’m planning on picking up the drop cloth. Even if we just buy a screen we could always use a drop cloth.

Also to consider is its projection area is 70"x70" which is 5.8 feet x 5.8 feet.

So I think we have some leeway in going over $50 since our screen will be larger.