Project tracking using Better Means - invitation link

We have been using Better Means for project management tasks associated with the Hive, and we would like to invite more people to get involved. The agile-ish, consensus based approach it uses matches our governance model well. You do not need to be a full Hive13 member, just be a supporter of our purpose as a hackerspace. This link will allow you to join as a Hive13 contributor:

Actual members will be upgraded to the member role, which makes your votes binding among other differences. I’d highly recommend watching the BetterMeans intro video and reading the quickstart guide, both are available from the help link. While improving rapidly, the interface and methodology can be a bit obtuse at times. Superquick start: check out the overview and dashboard for each sub workstream, available in the upper left corner of the UI - and then watch the video…

If you’d just like to be able to follow along with what we are doing anonymously, you should be able to simply navigate around starting from our Better Means project page:

Biggest thing we have going on right now is the imminent (< 2 weeks) arrival of the laser. Quite a bit needs to be done to get it ready for use by members and the public - please dig in and help out!