Project thread: The Great Green wireless webcam Dirigible

Personally, i'm interested a multitude of arts, both real world, and

To that end, i am wondering if anyone would care to help make a model
of a 1930's Dirigible:

Radio controlled, and equipped with a wireless webcam. decorated as
imaginatively as we please.
Hinged rigid structure, filled with helium, sized to fit the back seat
of an average sedan when packed and folded.
if weights allowed for it we could mount a small airsoft cannon on
(some of the real ships had cannon and machine gun platforms):

could also have hinged bomb bay doors to deploy candy.

we could make multiple copies if those involved would care to.
i think such a thing would be enjoyable to build, and really, really
fun at events.
might be useful at future Hackerspace fundraiser events.

Would anyone else find this interesting to work on?
When would be a good date to start designing and building, and what
can each of us lend to the project?

i know a free public place near exit 8 on i71 we can assemble to build
the thing as a group
they're closed after 4pm most days, so they don't mind building noise.

in my home, i have a small workshop of tools, including tablesaw,
drillpress, routers, bandsaw,
and can sculpt, electrolytically-etch, and lost-wax-cast metals,
can also make custom screen-prints
also have a sewing machine that can handle heavy canvas/leather, but i
can't sew.

mondays tues and weds are unavailable for a few months, due to
but i am free thurs, fri, sat and sun for a project.

anyone else interested?