Project Cin-D LOU - Reply on question about motor amperage


There was a question whether the Sabertooth 2X25 put out sufficient
amps to drive the wheelchair motors. It worked well in the bench test
last Tuesday, but the real test will be under a bigger load.

FYI - I went ahead and submitted the question to
DimensionalEngineering,com (maker of the Sabertooth) and got their
reply below:

"The wheelchair motors are only about 70% efficient so will draw more
current than rated. If you have a clamp meter to measure amps from the
motors while they are operating under load, that is best to verify
you're operating within 25A specs. If not, keep an eye on the
Sabertooth and look for the RED ERROR LED, this is an indicator of
current-limiting. If you find this to be the case, promptly contact us
for an upgrade to the Sabertooth 2X60."


I have one, and I know my dad does too, I’ll try and remember it next time I stop down. Since it won’t be going up hills with a 400lbs person on it, I think we’ll be ok… But, since we have the tools, might as well check to be sure.