Project aAngel support opportunity for the Galileo's finger project?


From the meeting last Tuesday, this is to share a project angel

support opportunity for the Galileo's finger project.

The finished kiosk thingie is to have a round glass tabletop in the
We are looking for a donation of a (Craig's list-type) used round
glass tabletop, 36" in diameter or slightly larger. It should be a
reasonably thick piece of tempered glass with a finished edge made to
be a self-supporting tabletop surface. We know they are available new
from glass companies or furniture stores, but we are looking to avoid
the cost and scrounge for an OK recycled equivalent. The piece of
glass will sit on the base and the Gagileo finger thingie will
assemble (set) onto the glass table surface. We will spread HIVE
flyers and stickers on the tabletop surface as handouts.

Can you be an project angel

Jim, it looks like one of these 36" tabletops, new, is around $75 shipped.

If no one has come forward with an available used one, I would suggest
we start a Pledgie or Kickstarter and see if we can't pitch together
the money to buy one.


Good news! Seek and ye shall find. Craig's list is the wonderful
resource we all know it can be. I checked and found a 36" round glass
table top for $20. I picked it up in Northern KY on my way home from
work tonight. I can be my own angel to afford that and didn't even
haggle. Galileo's finger is really coming together now...


That’s awesome Jim! I can’t wait to see it!