Product Trial - Request From Website

Red hawk got back with me.
Looks like they are partnering with Senco (they make nice nailguns) and something new is coming out in Feb.


Red_Hawk_CNC_Fixturing.pdf (3.56 MB)

Red_Hawk_F_15_Sales_Sheet.pdf (1.7 MB)

If Senco is Cincinnati based maybe we could get a donation to the hometown Hackerspace. Kevin…

Looks like we are still at the 1 1/2 inch limit with thier gun. They also don't seem to have any prices posted for this gun quite yet.

Yes I think this will be inline with the previous setup.
It will probably come down to weather we want the longer nail capability.
I’m leaning toward “yes”.

Probably should shift this over to the main thread about this.