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Hey have a odd technical question looking for suggestions,

I meet with someone looking for something they can send like via a work order a cut sheet order parts out to the various parts stations for a shipment,
Keep track how that project is coming along and or
Bonus : feed data to Microsoft NAVision,

The Parent company is dropping their SAP system.

I grasp this is somewhat outside my wheel house, but almost seems like some kinda POS or knock together a few web page interface maybe or anyone familiar with something like this ?

Any info would be helpful and Thanks !

  1. SAP is an ERP system. The company he works for is probably replacing SAP with another ERP system. Answers depend on knowing the replacement system.
    There can be many reasons to replace a SAP ERP system, but IDK of any companies that completely eliminate ERP.

2) Define Parts Stations. Is this a CNC system like a mill? Or a process control using SCADA? Or an external third party supplier? Labor data reporting system like KRONOS? Barcode data readers?

  1. ERP systems have data integration protocols to external systems like API’s or EDI.

( I selected, installed, maintained and was a consulting trouble shooter for ERP systems for 35 years before retiring. )

  1. basically from what I understand is their EU office is forcing everyone over to Microsoft NAV / Also rolling out there own software they have spent lots of DEV time on that evidently some free app they use is way better than.

  2. He got normal computers at the stations with barcode printers, looking to print the label for the part / skid label and wanting to be able to see a live like dashboard if possible how complete open jobs are.

  3. I suspect some point they like to feed it into NAV but right now just like to get something working that can tell his guys what to work on and whats coming next of sorts.

Find out the implementation schedule and what that DEV APP is. It is good politics to join the implementation team. Minimize developing a solution that will be discarded.
Fighting corporate IT is not a career enhancing move. Accelerating a solution to a local problem that easily integrates with the future system would be a good thing. Be a team player.

Reporting progress on orders is a normal ERP function and people put a lot of work into idiot proofing barcode systems. Only to demonstrate the infinite ability of human error.

Scratch building a barcode work order tracking system without attention to future plans would seem to be a waste.

Assuming there is currently a shop schedule from SAP or hand generated in an excel spreadsheet that information needs to be available on the shop floor. Simple data input is usually put into the schedule spreadsheet on the shop floor by someone competent.


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