print on ultimaker

For Shapr



Sweet! I am going to start another had but different scale hopefully this week.

Nice. I should have all the elastics and hardware arriving very soon. If anyone is interested in joining in, lemme know…


I might like to learn a little bit about what this project is about and what the goal is. Is anyone that is involved with this going to be at the meeting tonight?

Yep. I will try to make it, Kevin (aka trigger-finger) is involved, and some of my students could clue you in as well.

Essentially, look here:

Our hands will be donated for use by people in need in 3rd world countries. I also encourage folks to talk to me about printing in Nylon, PET, HIPS, and stronger / hypo-allergenic materials.

I will post in another thread later but I’d like folks at Hive to get involved in the “design challenge” (see above website). Designs are needed for special use hands that mount on picatinny rail. Go for it.

Also, ANY of my classes in this course are open to hive members. If you wish to partake in anything we are doing here or at UC, screw the establishment and come partake of learning! I’ll post events here when we have special guests, etc.