Pressure Pot

Does anyone know where the pressure pot I bought for the hive ended up? It was a converted Harbor Freight paint pot, and had been living under the tables in the main area, but appears to have disappeared.



There is one under the work table closer to the metal room, is that the one you mentioned?

When I was in the other day, there was a cooking pressure pot under there, but not the one that was set up for resin casting


I was wondering why this stew tasted a little bit like MEK with a hint of epoxy…
(I hope it turns up)

I just wanted to bump this to try and stir people’s memories… Did anyone see the pressure pot (converted paint pot) I brought in for the hive during the move, or know where it went since the move? While working on the stove today, Todd told me that someone found it during the post-move organization, but that it was given away because the person who found it thought it was unused. Does anyone know if it can be located and made to show back up? it’d be a great compliment to our new pressure pot.