PRE VOTE: Sewing Station

This is to gather feedback on this list and budget for a fully stocked sewing station with new sewing machine, surger and notions. My hope is to get feedback this week and put it up to vote at the December 3rd meeting.

Quick overview:
Sewing Machine $175.00
Surger $225.00
Accessories and consumables $230.00
Storage Bins $70.00
Buffer $100.00
Total budget $800.00

If you are interested in the details please look over the following list and let me know of things that might be good to add or other thoughts on this list.

More furniture/ storage for the sewing station will be done as a separate vote. For now everything will go on the sewing shelf in the lounge.

As someone who has been trying to get around to putting this together but never got around to it, I’m immediately onboard.

Also, looking over the detailed list makes me think I wouldn’t have done as thorough of a job.

I am overwhelmingly in favor of establishing a real, no compromises, sewing area that is always set up and ready to sew. I really think it will get good use and may even help drive new membership. Can we get a legit ironing board, iron and steamer added to this list? I donated an iron a while back up admittedly is is pure junk and the other iron is barely even a toy. Let's brainstorm and get ourselves equipped!

I apologise for the autocorrect butchery of my last post

I'm also 100% for this.

Me too and I have a bunch of stuff I could donate and even more I could leave there (that would stay mine if I were to ever leave but anyone could use)

May I also suggest that we add male and female adjustable dress forms to the list? If for no other reason than for Will B to dress up inappropriately.

Impossible. I am the kinglord duke of appropriate. Everything I do is majestic and amazing. If you find it otherwise then it is a weakness of you soul and character.

I like the idea of getting dress forms but I think that should be a separate vote. I would like to keep this to the essential things to be able to sit down and sew a simple project.

We have an ironing board and a dress form to donate when the space is ready.

I agree that a sewing/textiles area is a solid idea. Two points for clarification:

1) Is there a space planned? How much space would be needed?
2) There is a rack of sewing things in the lounge currently. What is status and plan for those things?

I’ve been working with Lisa, and the overall plan is for sewing to take place in the lounge. The immediate solution is for the existing shelving, and to rearrange the area after we replace the flooring in there.

We’d like to have a permanently setup sewing table in that room for walk up sewing, and to have the serger setup so that it would not be bounced around and need to be constantly retensioned and setup.

The status of the stuff that’s currently there is that some of the boxes of supplies and machines are mine.


I also believe this is a good idea! Thanks for putting it together!