I think Kris already volunteered me in this tues
evenings have been nutso lately. I'm happy to help with PR/marketing/
recruiting however I can. Since I've been in the biz in the past, I
have some contacts...

Are we ready o start a recruiting/PR push? Should I wait until next
tues to discuss?

i think that is a great topic of discussion for tuesday. since that meeting will be at the space, i have a feeling we will have a big turn out :slight_smile:

i also think a great source of PR/advocacy is the families and friends of current members. i think that a few “family friendly” events/activities might get more people to check us out. obviously we don’t want to turn the place into a daycare or a church social, but having a night or two or some space set aside for more creative/craft oriented stuff would be great for the group as a whole.

i want my wife to come hang out with me sometimes when i am at the space, or if not hang out with me, at least not want to stab herself in the eye with a soldering iron while she’s there. i think some of the other significant others might feel the same way. so i was thinking about getting the better halves involved in stuff too. i plan on spending a a fair amount of my non-work/non-school time there, it would be great if i didn’t have to leave the wife and kids at home all the time.

it might actually make participation easier for current and potential members as well. thoughts?

Kids would be the hardest. If a person has older kids this obviously could be easier. I’m sure we’ll have gaming systems. I see no reason why significant others who have hobbies like knitting could sit around doing that or reserve some time for such an event. It’s more the kids that I worry about.

As far as PR goes. I think since we have an address and we are planning a party on the 25th we should start spreading the word around. We could use more members or people who can not afford a membership to take interest in the fund raising events or classes. I’ve filed for a Google Local business account so we can use google maps for localized based search results, etc. We also have a google Events calendar that you can get to off the main portal page ( Also the wiki has some logos and stuff on it.


for print propaganda does anyone have access to a quality printer to make fliers or business cards?

i was thinking of getting some mini-cards from to hand out to interested parties.

on the back of the card you can put the logo, on the front, 6 lines of text. thoughts?

Dave has a business card design already that looks cool


Someone sent me a link to this deal where we can get 500 business
cards free (pay shipping and handling) so I designed the card that's
up there on the wiki right now.

I was thinking about making some more designs before I request the free cards.

I've got a blank file that I use for a template that fits their
specific size and color requirements, etc. I can post the blank one
to the wiki, or email it to anyone if they want it.


what is the bar code?

translate to the web address for hive13

Should we include the physical address of the building on them?

Yeah, I think that would be good.

2nd the physical address, also, I think we should have an email address, something like

^^ 3rd physical address.

I thought this would look cool for the business card on the front:

But it's more about functionality I suppose

Hmm… although black business cards with white letters would be pretty cool, they will probably also be more expensive than White background w/ black lettering

I like the card Dave made. I'm assuming the 2d barcode has the link of
the website? Also instead of wiki.hive13 i think it should be straight
up If we invert the colors i'm not sure that the bar code
will work. But i'm sure someone here can tell us for certain.