Power Tool Racing?


Last week at the meeting Matt Anthony was there from Losantiville
Kunstwerkhaus ( http://losantivillekwh.com/ ) and we were talking
about the possibility of doing an event with them soon. The idea Matt
had was maybe doing a Power Tool Racing ( http://powertoolracer.com/ )
type of event at their space this month at Final Friday (
http://www.irhine.com/index.jsp?page=finalfriday ) - which will be the
27th. They are planning on showing pieces with a power-tool theme
that night in their space so the racing would go nicely with the art.

We'd have to hustle to get this together in time. Also, since their
space is not huge, we might have to come up with a set of rules to
make it a mini-scale racing event with Dremel-sized tools only or
something like that. If the racing doesn't work out, there's still
the possibility of doing something else related to power tools that
day. Like maybe power-tool powered spinning contraptions, or
generating electricity or something. Get your creative juices
flowing. Would this be something you would want to work on? I think
if it doesn't happen this month, we should still keep this idea alive
and do the power-tool racing someday later.


Hey all,

I just wanted to check in and see if anyone is seriously interested in
the power tool racing idea. We are talking about setting up something
for next Friday the 27th. We would need a couple people to offer to
build racers and probably a couple people to volunteer to help build
and run the race track. Let me know if you're interested.

Since we have a lot of details to work out, we will need to spend time
working on this online and in person at times other than the Tuesday
meeting, so let me know ASAP.