Power Tool Drag Racing - Last race of the season today in Columbus, OH

Yes, it is true, the last race of our Power Tool Drag Racing 2014 season is later today at the Columbus, OH Mini Maker Faire.

For those still making plans to attend (Ryan wanted the address) the venue is at COSI, 333 W Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215.

We will be setting up with Columbus help this morning. The Faire is from noon to 6:00pm The Main Tournament with the Big Racers starts at 2:00pm. We will do match races after that. The truck should be back to the Hive by 8:00pm tonight, if anyone is available to help with the unloading around that time.

Thanks go to Ryan, Jon, Ellie, and Jordan for helping to load the truck at the Hive last night, and all the other volunteers that have pitched in with help and support during this year’s racing season.